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Matthew & Suné

Oh, what a beautiful day?

Natural. This is the word that comes to mind when thinking about this beautiful day, the 16th of December 2019, when Matthew and Suné joined their lives before God and their loved ones.

When we arrived the radiant bride welcomed us with warmth and excitement. Bubbly! She is such a natural beauty with a visible love for the man she will soon marry. Everyone is positive, excited and ready to celebrate this new marriage.

Matthew, calm and collected shares words of appreciation towards each of his groomsmen. The atmosphere is natural, kind and… happy.

The large trees cast shadows on the beautiful outdoors ceremony area at the stunning Beloftebos. The wind is gently blowing as the guests arrive.

The enormous smiles of both Matthew & Suné stuns the guests. Their eyes are locked on each other. Shaking with happiness, the two hold hands. The tears that roll over Matthew’s face is a symbol of his deep and ready love.

As we proceed into the couple shoot, you can feel the happiness in the air. I have never experienced two young adults so in love, so content. The trees, the smiles, the love… all natural.

The guests excitedly welcomes the couple and the night, filled with heartfelt speeches, meaningful dance and song commences.

As the night closes, Matthew and Suné, still smiling just as big, can now say that they are one. Happy. Natural.

Oh. What a beautiful day!

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