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Jandré & Britneé

Updated: May 30, 2020

The beautiful rain blessed this stunning day where Jandré and Britneé started their new life together.

It was such a peaceful, calm en serene day. The bride was glowing with a tangible excitement and a slight nervousness about the weather. Jandré and Brtineé phone one another right before the ceremony : "Let's flip a coin." Both land on heads and they decide to get married outside, under the trees as per the original arrangement, they won't budge... and so the heavens clear, the rain stops just for enough minutes to confirm their marriage. When Brtineé walks down the isle in the immaculate forest, Jandré's tears show his pure joy and content heart.

As soon as the ceremony is complete, the rain starts pouring down and the gift of a small window of no rain is emphasised. We flip open the umbrellas to cover the gorgeous bride and her white gown. Her fur shawl elegantly complements her dress and Jandré keeps his bride close and warm. The rain does not bother them, they are in love, they are married.

The glass reception venue kept the guests dry as the adventurous couple embraced the rain to have their wedding day photo shoot. The grey skies sets a canvas for the stunning couple to show off their love.

The photos are gorgeous, the couple is striking. The reception is filled with so much grattitude and love. These two people are truly ready to start their lives together.In this little bubbly with the rain pouring outside, the marriage of Jandré and Brtineé is celebrated and enjoyed.

May you always look at one another like you did on this day, despite the wind and the rain.

Join in their rainy-gorgeous day with us: JANDRÉ & BRITNEÉ WEDDING FILM

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