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Adam & Anja

Adam and Anja … what a perfect couple. When thinking about this day one experiences pure joy – as two souls enjoyed every second of vowing their lives to one another. The metaphor of sealing your love with a kiss and sitting together on a swing , until the end of time , describes the love that is visible between Adam and Anja.

As we arrived , the very happy Anja welcomed us and her calm spirit flowed through the dressing room. On the opposite side of the venue the groom and his groomsmen were chirpy and excited to get this thing going. 

The long wood tables , decorated with leaves and some bright pink flowers were ready to welcome joyful guests , friends and family that celebrated the uniting of Anja and Adam.

As the wedding started the little church encapsulated the deep and meaningful ceremony of the two best friends. The genuine smile of Anja as she looked into Adam’s eyes summarized this wedding day. Slight tears of forever-joy amplified the raw emotions that flowed through the chapel.

As they ventured all over the venue to take beautiful photos , their laughs echoed along. The two were content knowing they are now one. Their bridal party celebrated the two in every moment and the pure ecstasy is visible throughout the moments in the film.

At the reception , it was made clear how much both individuals mean to their loved ones. They used a saw to cut a piece of wood , truly showing how this team will conquer life together. Loving wishes were bestowed upon the couple by their family and friends and the night continued in joyous fashion as guests enjoyed the good food and company.

This truly was a day of pure love and heartwarming enjoyment. The happy couple danced the night away , visibly content with the fact that they are joined , a team , a partnership. They kiss with true love , and they enjoy the company of one another as they sit on the swing , excited for the life that lies ahead.

Watch their wedding film of this beautiful day below:


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